Seminar 2

Seminar 2

“That Next Level"

“Life is change; growth is optional. Choose wisely”, Karen Kaiser Clark. We begin Seminar two’s first section by diving right into the important habits that will help us achieve the growth we have chosen to pursue. Communication is critical to our accomplishments and in “Words Have Meaning” we will probe, listen, build rapport, and connect. All while discussing the necessary steps to communicate better.

We move onto section two by expanding on our personal accountability in a lively debate on who we are working for. Most people grow complacent or leave jobs due to poor management. Benjamin Franklin said, “He that Is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” In section two, “God is Watching” we work to uncover ways to grow our self-motivation for success.

“I am a nice shark not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food.” Change management by Bruce from “Finding Nemo” In section three “Dunkin versus Starbucks” we explore how we prepare, handle, and grow through inevitable changes in work and life. We learn the way to always, advance the sale in all we do.

“If you’re not on fire, you will probably lose to someone who is, is one of my favorite all-time quotes, by Jeffrey Gitomer, and in our fourth section, we will learn how to best create that fire within us. In “The 3 V’s of Value” we explore how to confidently be a blessing in all we do.

We conclude this second seminar in the Manage Yourself to Success series with a fun exercise that tries to hammer home the concept of “Work Hard…. Play Hard” There are no shortcuts in growth or in life and I find that to be successful we need to feel successful. A good work/life balance is vital to feeling success, and we will enjoy a discussion of what this means to each of us. I will ask a lot of you during these sessions and I hope in our conclusion today you will begin to see the reward for your efforts.

“That Next Level” promises to be a fun, relaxed approach filled with stories, ideas, and best practices from over 30 years of helping others take their growth to unprecedented levels.

I had the privilege of working with Tom for most of my career at Clipper Magazine and seeing firsthand the impact that he had on all that walked through our doors. Tom was a beloved manager by the teams he managed but had an enormous impact on those outside of his team as well. Tom helped to create a robust training program that included blended learning and facilitated countless classes on sales and product knowledge. He is creative and entertaining in his approach and finds ways to connect to even the most reluctant of students. I enjoyed working with and learning from Tom, as have countless others. A brilliant sales mind that cannot only sell but can empower others to do the same! Thank you for your mentoring and friendship throughout my Clipper career!!!
Jen Geib Specialist

Seminar 1

The Road to Being Your Best

We begin by discovering the daily habits that build confidence on our walk from good to great.

Seminar 2

That Next Level

We examine a practical approach of transforming our passions into increasing our value.

Seminar 3

A Little Bit More

We tackle the obstacles that often impede our personal growth. We begin to see how close we actually are to achieving our goals.

Seminar 4

Passion for Success

We conclude our Seminar Series by gaining a complete understanding of what separates us from Good to Great.

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