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American motivational speaker, Les Brown once said, “You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great.”  We all know we need to set goals, but it is in finding ways to achieve your goals that makes the difference.  



“There’s a big hunk of world out there with no fences around it… and beyond those distant hills who knows what wonderful experiences. And it’s all ours for the taking”  Goal setting by Tramp from “Lady and the Tramp”  I think Tramp has it pretty well figured out, the world is there for the taking, and I’m pretty sure given the choice Tramp would choose a good steak over chopped sirloin. (unless of course, he had a perfect partner to share some delicious pasta with).  Most of us would prefer to Be the Steak in life and we can if we decide to pursue it. 

But what does it take to Be the Steak?



Interviewing candidates for sales positions at Clipper Magazine was a role I spent many days working on.  I have interviewed hundreds of candidates and for many of them there was always one common desire. They asked if they could earn six figures.


I would always answer that question with the same statement. Yes, it is very possible for a sales rep with Clipper to earn six figures, but unfortunately most of our new hires will not work as hard as it will take to earn that.  There it is, the brutal truth… most would simply not work hard enough to get there. They would be given the same tools, the same training, the same management, but they would walk a different path.  Having a goal to achieve is great but doing all that it takes to achieve your goal is what it will ultimately be about. Quite simply most would settle for being chopped sirloin well before they would become the Steak they were meant to be.



While goal setting is the critical first step on your path to Be the Steak, we find it pairs nicely with confidence. My first several years with Clipper Magazine were spent working in my car going door to door to small businesses. I did not have an appointment in most cases but had to sum up the courage to walk in their door and try speaking to them about advertising with our magazine. As you might imagine my typical day was filled with a lot of rejection. (and a few words I would rather not repeat )  I would love to tell you that my goal every day was to make a sale, but unfortunately most days did not end with the sale. Outside sales jobs love to play with anyone’s confidence level. So how did I find the level of confidence needed to excel in this environment? I learned early on that most of my sales were a process that began with me building a rapport with a new prospective client. I gained confidence everyday not simply in making a sale but in new relationships begun.  For I realized those new relationships would soon become strong sales as I continued to show value and build trust. To Be the Steak I wanted to become I gained confidence in small steps along the right path. 



Want to learn more about finding the right path for you….?


That is what Ok Boomer Teach me Sales the Podcast and Free virtual weekly Sales Series is all about. Comment below if you would like more information on our new Podcast launch or to register for the Free sales training sessions.

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