If You don’t ENGAGE your TEAM, Someone else WILL

       “You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build the business.”  – Zig Zigler


A study by Towers Watson found that fewer than 21 percent of employees surveyed described themselves as “highly engaged”. This is 10% less than the figure from 2009 during our last recession period. And 8 percent admitted to being fully disengaged. THIS STUDY was conducted prior to 7 months of COVID-19. Having only 1/5 of your workplace engaged doesn’t make good odds for keeping your employees motivated. Entrepeneur.com states that employee engagement and motivation derive from 3 factors:

  1. Alignment of the employee with the goals and vision of the company
  2. Employees faith in the competence of management and their commitment to realize the goals and vision
  3. Trust in their direct supervisor that he or she will support his or her people and help them succeed

With these in mind, imagine how COVID-19 has complicated those 3 critical motivators.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts’s you can work towards for motivating your teams.

  1. Don’t be cold, distant, rude , or unfriendly. Employees take emotional cues from their supervisors and may mirror those negative emotions.
  2. Don’t avoid taking responsibility for your actions. Developing accountability starts with leading by example. Also, especially in times like these employees will recognize and appreciate your efforts.
  3. Do not jump to conclusions without checking the facts first. Everyday employee responsibilities have become more difficult and more stressful. When an employee makes a mistake, investigate the possibility of other legitimate reason for their mistake rather than immediately reacting. Your employees will appreciate the faith you show in them.
  4. Do recognize your team. Never underestimate the effects of simple recognition for a job well done.
  5. Do be responsive – return phone calls and emails. The ease of communication among you and your team will motivate them to engage with in the workplace.
  6. Do ask and listen. You are not just a boss meant to deliver orders; you are a mentor and guide for your team. Learn how to ask your employees rather than tell them.

Employee motivation is attainable when you keep these do’s and don’ts in mind. What kind of impact can this have?

Employee engagement, similarly, team engagement, is essential to the productive performance of many aspects of the workplace. Research by Gallup identified 9 performance metrics that benefit from team engagement:

Customer ratings. Profitability. Productivity. Turnover rates. Safety incidents. Shrinkage. Absenteeism. Patient safety incidences. Quality.

On top of all these perks, Gallup also verified that engagement has a higher impact on employee and team well-being then vacation time and flexible hours. If you want to improve any of these workplace aspects, it is time to get your team engaged.

Here or some ideas to help make that happen:

  1. Encourage visions of personal success. Don’t let the team mindset make employees undermine their personal successes.
  2. Match projects, passions, and proficiency with the right teams and individuals.
  3. Tailor your coaching strategies into more team-oriented methods.
  4. Encourage creativity and teach team members to encourage creativity from their fellow team members.

Team engagement means effective teamwork. It is vital to promote engagement for the success of the team and workplace overall. So, keep these final few things in mind. Be accessible to all team members. Allow your team to lead and show them how their teamwork is contributing to the bigger picture. Making the extra effort is worth it because an engaged team is an effective team.

At Bloomer Associates, we are here to help. Contact us today. For more information or engage with us in a free consultation to explore ways we can affectively help you build stronger teams

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