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Special Sales Career Coaching Opportunity ​
Bloomer Associates is expanding its offerings to individual Sellers and Sales Leaders. We are now pleased to offer a unique individual coaching opportunity.
If you are in sales, sales leadership or transitioning into sales, this coaching opportunity could be the catalyst for a strong 2021.
Are you looking for a proven Sales Leader to personally help manage you to success?

Are you a passionate Sales Leader looking for ways to improve and better support your Team?

Individualized Coaching Sessions include

Receive over 3 hours of individual video sessions, data, plans and more.

Special package only $599 with limited seats available.

Call 919-267-9871 or simply connect and message Tom on LinkedIn to Reserve Your Seat today!


Ok Boomer, Teach me Sales is a Sales Podcast for Sellers and Sales Leaders that

Promises to be a lively, fast paced fun and informative show. Filled with storytelling, tips and best practices that will help you navigate your career path.

Co Hosts, Tom and Kelly Bloomer bring decades of experience and have assembled an amazing team of contributors. All motivated to help you succeed.

One of the unique features of this Podcast experience, is that is does not need to end after each weekly show.

Ok Boomer, Teach me Sales is also a weekly series of FREE Virtual Sales Round Tables

Where you can ENGAGE, SHARE, and LEARN with Tom, Kelly, and their team as they delve deeper into weekly tips and best practices. These weekly sessions on Zoom Video are limited to 12 attendees each, so you have an opportunity to get your questions answered and look to grow each week.

Check out the Podcast website for more info or to register for your FREE weekly session group:

Evening Kick-Off



Coffee Club



Lunch Brunch



Happy Hour



Midday Mid-Week



If you are interested in Sales Career growth as a seller, sales leader or small business owner, we Hope to see you there!

Bloomer Associates enables you to build effective, motivated teams that move your organization forward.

Looking for a better way to attract and manage talent?  We provide a wealth of experience from human resources, consulting, and business development. “It’s time for HR professionals to start using assessments that were designed this decade and stop using tools that were designed last century.”

Manage Yourself to Success Seminars

Seminar 1

The Road to Being Your Best

We begin by discovering the daily habits that build confidence on our walk from good to great.

Seminar 2

That Next Level

We examine a practical approach of transforming our passions into increasing our value.

Seminar 3

A Little Bit More

We tackle the obstacles that often impede our personal growth. We begin to see how close we actually are to achieving our goals.

Seminar 4

Passion for Success

We conclude our Seminar Series by gaining a complete understanding of what separates us from Good to Great.